We Don't Cut Corners

Unless it's by Design

From design and inspection to precision cutting, Piston Interiors manufacturing processes are optimized to maximize quality and value. Piston Interiors textile cutting processes begin with 2D computer-aided design (CAD) systems. Through custom software with automatic nesting, we optimize the marker and cut paths of each layout to reduce scrap, align textures and minimize material usage.


Technology + Tradition Working Together

Piston Interiors' uniquely skilled workforce deploys the latest technologies and quality assurance methods matched to customer specifications. Building on our heritage in crafting textiles, we map the perfect cutting process for each application. Whether by automated or traditional cutting methods, each process leverages a deep well of Piston Interiors knowledge and lessons learned.

The use of software and automated cutting allows our systems to reduce the nesting space between pieces, saving material while ensuring high-speed, high-quality cutting. Traceability continues at the cutting stage with automatic labeling of cut parts.


Clean Cut Manufacturing

Piston Interiors takes pride in our worker health and safety programs. A vacuum system reduces the dispersion of particles, keeping work areas clean while safety barriers keep operators safe in cutting areas.

CNC automated cutting produces repeatability and precision

Inspection ensures parts conform to specifications


Quality Assured

The result of many years of expertise in leather cutting, Piston Interiors' quality control system ensures the geometric accuracy of each piece. Once quality assurance is complete, the leather and fabric sets are transferred to assembly cells to continue through the manufacturing process.


CNC Cut Seat Cover Bolsters
Await Final Assembly


Stamped Leather Seat Sets
are Arranged for Kitting



Perfectly Aligned

Optimized nesting minimizes material waste and aligns grains for the ideal cut.