Important Notice
  • The information contained in this Machine-Readable File may be difficult to access without certain technology.

    These files may be large and require a computer that can download at least up to 1TB (terabyte) of data. Based on your computer's storage and hard drive, attempting to open or download large files may cause instabilities in Windows, causing performance issues resulting in downloads that could take hours, days, or weeks depending on the file size and hard drive combination. For reference: 1TB=243 high-definition streaming movies (average 2 hours per movie).

  • This mandate is a building block for future customer-facing mandates, including the Price Transparency Tool and the Advanced Explanation of Benefits.

  • The data in the files may not be useful for the average consumer. For example, facilities that are paid based on a percentage of charge will not have a dollar amount representing the amount for a service.

  • The Machine-Readable files will be updated monthly to ensure the accuracy of the data and reflect changes in pricing and regulatory requirements.

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