Sewing Seams That Last

Refined award-winning interiors that stand the test of time require the perfect stitch. Piston Interiors sew operations bring together an extensive array of fine materials with exacting craftsmanship. The resulting creation is a world-class product that brings the designers dream to life.


Skill + Craft Joining Together

Tailored embroidery and myriad thread and textile combinations fuel brand differentiation and deliver premier design aesthetics.

Our skilled craftsmanship and engineering teams design the perfect process to deliver each high-quality creation. Well-tensed seams are smoothly produced on a range of textiles from genuine leather to high-tech, lightweight sports fabrics. Whatever your design and durability goals, our engineers will develop the perfect sewing process.


The Art of the Stitch

Piston Interiors artistry in stitching is demonstrated with each beautifully handcrafted detail.


Quality Throughout

Our sewing processes employ state-of-the-art equipment with disciplined maintenance programs that improve quality by reducing the frequency of occurrence of thread breakage, stitch skipping, needle breakage and isolated idling loops.



Crafted With Precision

Piston Interiors expert stitching of complex contours, the artful joining of mixed material textiles, and detailed embroidery provide the finishing touches to award-winning interiors.


Skilled Training

Piston Interiors sewing operations focus on continuing education in skilled craftsmanship and lessons learned. From their very first day manufacturing employees start in an onsite training facility where they learn the machine, process, and the importance of quality. Our in-house training curriculum educates sewing personnel until complete mastery is achieved.