Maria Claborn

Commodity Manager

I enjoy using my bilingual skills to interact with customers, suppliers, and the internal team to help provide creative solutions to problems that may arise.

Program Management

Heather Dimitrievski

Senior Program Manager

Come prepared to be a part of a team, where your thoughts and inputs are valued and required to continue to move our company forward.


Tyler Kellenberger

Product Engineer

In my time with Piston Interiors, I have been able to challenge myself and grown into a more well-rounded and confident engineer.


Colin Bowe

Account Manager

We face challenges all the time but what makes working at Piston Interiors so great is our ability to push through and solve whatever the issue may be in a timely and productive manner.


Anne Bessette

Engineering Supervisor

Team and Work, are the two words that best describe the Piston Interiors culture, both separately and together.


Kwesi Emretiyoma

Quality Engineer

Working in a very friendly and conducive environment has allowed me to gain a lot of knowledge on what it takes to produce the world-class products that we provide to our customers.

Design + Development

Deborah Jeszke


When knowledge is shared it empowers everyone to reach the same goal – to produce a quality product from the beginning, which promises a good launch.

Program Management

Danielle Momany

Senior Program Manager

It is our job to interpret the requirements and needs of the customer and strive to satisfy them, while balancing the demands of the shared resources within our company.


Jason Barnes

Supervisor | Soft Trim CAD Group

A job well done not only helps the company succeed, it helps the morale of everyone you work with and leaves you with a positive feeling at the end of the day.


Lisa Husken

Treasury Manager

As Treasury Manager, I manage all cash flow forecasting, banking activity, FX hedging, and accounting reconciliations. In addition, I am also the Payroll Manager in charge of processing all US payroll and reporting. In this role, I get to experience the supportive and collaborative culture at Irvin on a daily basis.


Rogelio "Roger" Saavedra

Manufacturing Engineer

As Irvin continues to grow in its traditional automotive segment the company has been proactive to diversify its business. The effort has resulted in multiple non-automotive awarded programs while we continue to pursue additional contracts.

Human Resources

Gabriela Trevino

Senior Human Resources Manager
Mexico Operations

I really love my Job at Piston Interiors. My work inspires me and gives me exposure to great challenges and continuous growth. I respect the employees I work with and enjoy giving support to our team each day.

Design + Development

Anna Ferns


Work hard – do not give up! Learn more skills than what your current job requires because you may be able to apply them in the future. Be honest and treat people like you want to be treated.


Jack Marlatt


I like a challenge and working in the fast-paced, ever-changing automotive industry offers endless opportunities.