Design + Development

Our Design + Development department specializes in the concept, design, prototyping and development of seating tailored for specific applications while meeting standards in terms of safety, comfort, durability and pricing.


The Engineering department is responsible for the innovation, development, design and release of all Piston Interiors products. Engineering must ensure that we meet all specifications and reflect the highest standards for all customers, both internal and external.

Program Management

Program Management develops plans, leads cross-functional company resources, prioritizes workload and mitigates risk. The goal is to ensure that customer requirements and deliverables are clearly understood and achieved on-time with high quality.

Information Technology

The IT Infrastructure department is responsible for all systems that provide communication, collaboration and application services for Piston Interiors employees and customers.


The Finance Department is responsible for safeguarding the company’s assets as well as providing timely and accurate financial data and forecasts to Piston Interiors management, which aids in decision-making.


Members of the Quality team monitor operations to ensure that our production standards, processes and specifications are consistently achieved. Responsibilities include inspection, testing and measuring of products and reporting all findings.

Human Resources

The HR department oversees, directs and coordinates our daily administrative functions such as planning, recruiting, screening, interviewing and placing new team members. Responsibilities also include employee relations, benefits, training and supporting personnel in the development of a positive culture.


Our Sales department focuses on communicating customer needs and expectations to our organization. In addition, these employees promote our capabilities, propositions and value to customers in order to secure profitable growth opportunities to support our short- and long-term financial objectives.


Purchasing is responsible for the acquisition and management of all direct and indirect materials. This department searches for potential suppliers, partners while also managing current suppliers through monthly performance metrics.