Our Culture Defines Who We Are

Piston Interiors is a world-class company composed of a tight-knit force of team players and problem-solvers. Diverse thinkers come together on a daily basis to exceed client expectations, while maintaining the integrity of each individual’s contribution. We are committed to an environment that is inspiring as well as satisfying.
Our team is the biggest part of our success, working hard to achieve our goals, but in the end it’s teamwork that makes us more than what we make. Our culture is one of inclusion and diversity in a multitude of experiences sewing the seam that binds us together. With this thread we are connected by our experiences that make us stronger and enduring. This thread is our creed that is crafted from every individual that the Piston Interiors team is made of.

Team and Work, best describe the Piston Interiors culture, both separately and together.

Maria Claborn

Maria Claborn

Commodity Manager

" I enjoy solving challenges to meet customer timing as well as using my bilingual skill with suppliers, plant and customers every day."

Kwesi Emretiyoma

Kwesi Emretiyoma


" Working in a very friendly and conducive environment has allowed me to gain a lot of knowledge on what it takes to produce the world-class products that we provide to our customers. "

Anne Bessette

Debra Jeszke


" When knowledge is shared it empowers everyone to reach the same goal – to produce a quality product from the beginning, which promises a good launch. "